London: Music In The Air

Every nook and corner of London has one thing for certain – music.  It flows in the city’s very fabric and blends seamlessly into its daily life.  Be it the weekend markets or the commute via the networks of tube stations, you can be sure to come across some form of melody floating by.

These elderly musicians were fundraising for a charity in the middle of the Greenwich weekend market and their charm is almost infectious.

Walking out of the market, I came across this group of street performers who had the audience enthralled with their colourful costumes and graceful moves.

These bunch of musicians just set up an impromptu gig in the middle of the street outside the Tottenham Court Road tube station.

Author: Tanya Raj

A dreamer, a mystic and a traveller! Gallivanting through this life, I travel to understand my soul, place by place, people by people. As a constant learner, I dabble with photography, playing music, reading tarot, practicing Reiki, learning new languages, painting, and of course travelling – I feel it is this variety of life that keeps life alive and fresh. When I am not doing anything, I can be found huddled up with a book in a corner of my house, letting my imagination take flight.

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