Sauntering Across London

Having a long free weekend is a blessing in London, especially if the skies are not a dreary grey and there is a hint of sun.  Autumn welcomes you in every corner and during this time of the year, the festive spirit just about starts creeping in.

The day starts with a visit to Little Venice, where the treetops are showing off their fiery autumnal hues.
True to its name, this charming little piece of London is a quiet neighbourhood that mimics Venice. Bookstores and coffee shops on the boats floating along the canal is a perfect spot to spend a blissful and lazy morning when the sun is out.
A far cry from the City, this place feels a tad bit more European than British with the church steeples and fairy-tale bridges.
After spending a quiet time at Little Venice, I head over to Trafalgar Square, which is still to come to life.
Towards the left stands the Admiralty Arch – which leads to The Mall and eventually to the Buckingham Palace.
After a long walk along the heavily wooded park, the Palace comes into view.
Victoria Memorial that marks the end of The Mall and stands at the entrance of the Palace gates.
After a recorded tour of the inside of the Palace, which by the way is spectacular, I land on the outside lawns behind the structure.
Just before the exit, this quiet little spot towards the right catches my attention and the tranquillity involuntarily pulls me towards it. I break away from the exiting crowds and sneak in for a quick snapshot.
The day ends with a meet up with friends at Victoria Park to witness the fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night.
Also known as Bonfire Night, I somehow could not stop myself from drawing similarities to my own traditional festival of Diwali, which is celebrated around the same time.

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