Postcards from Spiti

A land where imaginations find wings and hopes are restored that this Earth indeed is an awe-inspiring place and one need only leave their comfort to find it.

Three peaks with glaciers at the pass where the wind howls loud and strong.
“Make a wish and stick a coin”, that was a simple instruction from Dorje, my guide at this high pass, with a temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess, where the prayer flags flutter all around with the howling gales of these mountains. When I told him I wanted to make 2 wishes (just to pull his leg) he tried to convince me to choose one among the two, much to my mirth.
The river flows amongst the entire valley, where in some place it is a torrent of gushing waters, here in the deeper parts of the mountains, it flows more gently and scarcely.
The sunlit peaks of CCKN
Creation with the Creator! The giant Buddha statue of Spiti against a star filled night sky
At sunset, standing near the stone stacks with prayer flags, the sky changes contour and colours to compliment the beautiful place
Morning brings extreme stillness to the lake with no breeze that turns it into one giant mirror.
Bara Shigri – Himachal’s largest glacier is a stunning sight from every angle as you move along this landscape.

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