A Dash Of Blue

On a chilly, drizzly monsoon morning, taking a stroll along the Lily Pond at Lalbagh in Bangalore I chanced upon this magnificent creature - a Blue Waterhen - who was busy foraging for food and I was all but awestruck at its brilliant display of colours.

Stages of Life: Bhoganandeeshwara Temple

On the outskirts of Bangalore, sits a complex of shrines dating back to the early 9th century.  This temple with its distinct Dravidian style of architecture is said to have been constructed by the Nolamba and Rashtrakuta dynasties.  Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) classifies this complex dedicated to Lord Shiva as one of the oldest... Continue Reading →

A Slice Of Bangalore’s History

As the needle thin drops of rain persisted from the early morning, cloudy monsoon skies, I made my way in an auto-rickshaw to Chamrajpet to witness a piece of history in the heart of Bangalore.  At the junction of KR Road, the auto turns left onto Albert Victor Road.  Immediately after the bend is my... Continue Reading →

3 Things You Will Only See In Bangalore

The great Bangalore road saga Its one-way or no way.  Once you have stayed long enough in Bangalore, regular two way traffic of other cities will start to baffle you.  You will even start popping questions like “Why are we taking the same route to go back?  Are you sure you know your way around?” ... Continue Reading →

Trailing The Ramzan Food Market

The turn at the curb towards Mosque Road in Fraser Town, brings along a whiff of myriad barbecue flavours.  The road ahead is choc-a-block with vehicles honking to get past the market teeming of food connoisseurs and vendors.  The mosque on the opposite side of the road, lets out a howl of prayers as another... Continue Reading →

Life Is A Book

The girl sitting at the table next to me seems lost in her book.  Hair tied in a bun, a swirling star tattoo peeking from under the pullover sleeve near the wrist, she bites her pink painted nails unconsciously.  A glass of untouched ice tea, a bottle of water, half opened pack of cigarettes and... Continue Reading →

Familiar Sights With A Fresh Perspective

The family of pigeons that have made my windowsill their permanent home have been unusually noisy this morning with their hoarse gruff and grunts.  Grabbing the house keys, phone and wallet I am greeted with a cold gust of wind as soon as I open the front door.  Zipping up my jacket, I walk down... Continue Reading →

Morning Sojourn in Namma Bengaluru

The monsoons have arrived in Bangalore and with it has brought to life the lush greenery that this place is famous for.  The tree lined 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar is once again a bloom of purple, red and yellow Gulmohars that form a canopy throughout its length.  Early mornings are slowly advancing towards getting... Continue Reading →

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