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Kolkata Chronicles

I have called this city a partial home, where most of my vacation days were spent as a child.  Visiting here after two decades brought back memories that I wanted to capture before they were lost to time, as the place undergoes drastic changes yet retains the essence of what my childhood felt like.

Go Abroad: Top Five Regional Street Foods To Try In India

Yummyliscious street food in Mumbai

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and its many states have their own unique cuisines.  Food is the soul of India’s daily life and you will find a selection that ranges from rich flavours to street food.  Here is a look at the top five region-specific street food to try while in

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Familiar Sights With A Fresh Perspective

The family of pigeons that have made my windowsill their permanent home have been unusually noisy this morning with their hoarse gruff and grunts.  Grabbing the house keys, phone and wallet I am greeted with a cold gust of wind as soon as I open the front door.  Zipping up my jacket, I walk down

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Morning Sojourn in Namma Bengaluru

The monsoons have arrived in Bangalore and with it has brought to life the lush greenery that this place is famous for.  The tree lined 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar is once again a bloom of purple, red and yellow Gulmohars that form a canopy throughout its length.  Early mornings are slowly advancing towards getting

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