Faces of Kyrgyzstan

The people of this Central Asian paradise nurture their traditions and keep the culture alive and vibrant with their unadulterated bond to their land.

Meet Ruslan and his eagle Karabarchin, who make an adorable yet powerful team of eagle hunters.
Have it, flaunt it – Akylbek flaunts Karakoz from atop a horse, who in turn is extremely aware of its own beauty and flaunts it by giving a pose with them in tandem. 😊 Akylbek who is in his teens and has been learning hunting with the eagles for 3 years is extremely connected with his eagle Karakoz. All the time we spent with them, they were interacting with an understanding that came from deep within
Kumis, a tangy drink made with fermented mare’s milk is a speciality of the Central Asian regions. While on our way to Naryn, we came across this lady in the hills who was milking the mares and was happy for us to observe her in her chore. She later invited us to her yurt for a taste of the drink itself
his 13-year old boy, Akbar told us that he dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up. Well, he is practicing it on his father’s farm and how!
The lady of the mountains, who in return for all the photographs and a taste of Kumis, requested we present them with notebooks and pens for their children – this was the most unusual yet noble exchange I have come across; only in Kyrgyzstan 💕
Take a leaf from this gentleman’s diary in perfecting the art of chilling

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